Struggles for National Sovereignty

The World Peace Council has initiated and participated in the many struggles for freedom and self-determination, against Imperialism and its mechanisms:

  • The World Peace Council initiated the campaign to free Nelson Mandela from Robbins Island and end the barbaric Apartheid system in South Africa. During Apartheid, we demanded that the U.S. and South Africa end aid to counterrevolutionaries who tried to overthrow legitimate governments in Angola and Mozambique.
  • We have organized many protest demonstrations against U.S. interventions in El Salvador, Nicaragua and Colombia and invasions of Grenada and Panama.
  • We stand for a just, two-state solution in the Israel-Palestine conflict, with an independent State of Palestine within the borders of 1967 and with East Jerusalem as its capital.
  • We have been in the first line of the heroic struggle of the Vietnamese people in the bloody war of the USA and on the side of the Vietnamese people against the French colonial occupation. The WPC stands firm in solidarity with the victims of “Agent Orange” and demands the compensation of victims and their families
  • We stood firmly and organized broad based protests against the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999
  • We have opposed both Gulf Wars and the war on Afghanistan. We call for an end to the occupation of Iraq, express our solidarity to the people resisting occupation for their right to determine their own future.
  • We condemn vehemently the blockade against Cuba and demand an end to the US interventions in the internal affairs of that country.
  • We stood up clearly during the Coup d’ etat in 2002 in Venezuela and insist that the U.S. government and other Imperialists stop their attempts to overthrow the legitimate government of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.
  • We are active part of the struggle against all Foreign Military Bases in the world
  • We denounced and opposed the militarization of the European Union and the “Lisbon Treaty”
  • We stood up against NATO and its 60 years of crimes against humanity in dozens of countries and in Strasbourg during its summit 2009
  • We demand the total abolition of all Nuclear Weapons and the global disarmament.
  • We actively organized and participated in the anti-NATO activities in Lisbon(2010) and Chicago (2012) during the respective NATO Summits
  • We opposed the Aggression of NATO against Libya in 2011 and the ongoing threats and imperialist interference against Syria and Iran recently

The last Assembly of the WPC took place in July 2012 in Kathmandu, Nepal with more than 120 delegates participated in it. We organized attached to the Assembly a broad World Peace Conference, in which many national and international delegates/participants from Venezuela and the whole world participated. Dozens of personalities and intellectuals, representatives from Peace Movements, Youth and Students Organisations, Trade Unions, Women organisations, etc. attended the World Peace Conference along with local delegates from the Nepal Peace and Solidarity Council which hosted the Assembly and Conference.

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