British Peace Assembly Condemns Turkey’s Provocation! 

The statement from the British Peace Assembly issued on 24 November 2015:

“The British Peace Assembly (BPA) joins peace movements and peace-loving people worldwide in condemning the shooting down of a Russian jet by Turkey earlier today. This action is dangerous and provocative in the extreme, and especially so in the current tense and volatile situation.

Given that Turkey is a NATO member, this act might easily lead to further escalation and wider involvement in the war, creating greater destabilisation of the Middle East and threatening world peace.

The BPA holds that military intervention in Syria can never solve the conflict. It will serve only to add to the chaos, death and destruction already meted out to the people of Syria by ISIS, other terrorist organisations and the reactionary regimes of the region which finance and support them.

The BPA believes that the US and its NATO allies, including Britain, must immediately withdraw from all military involvement. In particular we call on the government of Britain not to attack any part of Syria by air, land or sea. The only possible solution to the conflict is a political one and every effort and resource available should be deployed urgently to this end. Only then can the people of Syria rebuild on the ruins of their country and create a peaceful future and just society of their own choosing.”

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