in Solidarity with Pakistani People after Deadly Floods

WFTU in Solidarity with Pakistani People after Deadly Floods
The World Federation of Trade Unions, (WFTU) addresses the world public opinion and the international working class and expresses its solidarity with the people of Pakistan who is facing heavy torrential rains and flood that left dozens of people dead and displaced. Among the victims are also workers of the coal mines in Orazkai region, where 30 coal miners were trapped and 8 never went back home, after the mine collapsed because of the heavy rain.

The last few years, there are thousands of dead from “natural disasters”, like the deadly mega floods of 2010 that left 2.000 people dead and thousands of displaced families.

This situation is permanent in Pakistan and many other capitalist countries. Despite the progress of science and technology in civil protection sector, the workers, the poor, the toiling masses in capitalist countries remain unprotected when facing natural disasters, earthquakes, epidemics, fires.

It is a matter of class. It is unacceptable that during earthquakes poor people get killed, during fires poor people are burnt, during floods are again the poor who get drown. Those in charge put the blame on the “wrath of nature” or say its “an act of god”, But, the blame for the victims of “natural disasters” lies with the class policies of capitalist governments, who -in order to serve the interests of the capital- let the shortcomings in infrastructure and protection measures persist and allow it so that the people stay unprotected facing “natural disaster”.

WFTU follows the developments in the region and we express our moral support and solidarity with the victims and the labor movement of Pakistan. We call the government of Pakistan to immediately take all necessary relief measures for those affected by the floods and also take all necessary protection measures so that tragedies like this one never happen again.


WFTU in Solidarity with Pakistani People after Deadly Floods

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