Condemn US aggression against Syria

CC-BY Alisdare Hickson on Flickr

Last Friday the US military launched 59 cruise missiles at Syria, striking the Shayrat airbase operated by the Syrian air force. Read the initial report from the SANA here. The strikes were announced as a response to an incident in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, where Syrian forces are accused of using chemical weapons. The incident has not yet been fully investigated, and the presumptive attack by the USA was deplored by Egypt, Iran, Russia.

Statements were released by a number of progressive & democratic organisations, most importantly the Syrian Communist Party (Bakdash) – “Shame on the American aggression” [21centurymanifesto, facebook, solidnet]

The Communist Party of Britain – “condemn US aggression in Syria” [21centurymanifesto, solidnet]

The World Peace Council – “on the missile attack of the USA against Syrian targets” [WPC website, Global Research]

Lastly, the Morning Star editorial the following Saturday identified the strikes as an ‘escalation of western involvement.’ [link]

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